Resolving installation version conflicts

I'm a R / RStudio newbie, but have lots of Ubuntu experience.
Ubuntu: 22.04 focal
R : 4.1.2
RStudio: 2023.03.0
When I try File -> Import data -> from dataset(readr)
it tells me that an updated version of the readr package is required.
The update attempt fails with several
/usr/lib/R/site-library/rlang/libs/ undefined symbol: EXTPTR_PROT.

I've found this diagnosis

in which a respondent commented:
"Looks like this is reproducing with R version 4.1.3 and older. I deployed a rhel8 environment and 4.2.0, 4.2.1, and 4.22 work fine "
and someone else comments (To the RStudio developer?)
" seems you've introduced a dependency on a symbol that doesn't exist in older versions of R?"

So it looks as if I need to get my R up to at least 4.2.0.
BUT as far as I can find there is no 4.2.* release of R for Ubuntu focal - the 4.1.2 I have seems to be the latest.

I'm not prepared to change operating systems just to get R & RStudio to work.

Would it work if I were to install an earlier version of RStudio? Can that be done?

Or am I missing something?

See here for newer versions of R: Ubuntu Packages For R - Brief Instructions

Thanks, working OK now.

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