Resolution of images reduces in Internet Explorer


I'm creating an app at the moment in shiny. The app is perfect in Chrome/Firefox but when I launch it in IE the quality of the images reduces. Any idea what could be causing it? Thanks

Any suggestions welcome!

As far as I can tell IE is terrible at rendering rescaled images. I'm not aware of a solution to this.

From the online grumblings of web designers I've read, IE is terrible at a lot of things. And, in general, there are three solutions:

  1. CSS that adapts to a user's browsers
  2. Warnings which advise users to switch browsers
  3. Accept that IE is bad and stop caring

If you're comfortable writing custom CSS, #1 would be best. GitHub's doing #2 right now, and it might be possible to do within a Shiny app. If you can figure out when a session is using IE, you can make a pop-up warning saying things won't look great.

#3 is easiest, but if you expect most users to have IE or are required to cater to IE, then it's a no-go.

I think #1 only applies to page layouts (and possibly reactive elements - don't know), but I'm not aware of a solution for the downgraded quality of a png file.

We are restricted to IE, so I'll do some experimenting with other browsers at the weekend to see how much is due to IE and how much is inherent to raster images.

Thanks guys for the suggestions, this isn't an urgent issue so still trying to figure out a workaround but we're currently suggesting users using Chrome/Firefox.