Reset version control to default in Mac OS

I have had to erase my hard drive and redownload GitHub, R and RStudio. I accidentally clicked the browse option when trying to set up the version control from the global options menu. How can I reset this to the default? I've tried to uninstall and reinstall both Github and RStudio but it loads the same, incorrect directory. I'd like to get back to this /usr/bin/git


  1. In your RStudio version control preferences, click that "Browse..." button again.
  2. When the file browser dialog opens, type ShiftG (this is the "Go to Folder…" shortcut from the Finder's Go menu).
  3. A sheet will drop down, allowing you to enter a path directly. Enter /usr/bin/git and hit Return (or click Go), and you will be transported to the right spot, with git selected.
  4. Click Open to exit the dialog and return to RStudio preferences, with your git location restored.

If you're using a recent version of MacOS, this might also be of interest:

The reason your inadvertent preference change persisted through a reinstallation of RStudio Desktop is that preferences are stored in a hidden folder at ~/.rstudio-desktop. See here for more: