Require student to use email specified in invitation

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TL:DR Is there a way to make invites require use of email if to which invite was sent ?

I'm setting up projects for students and noticed almost immediately that a TA accepted my invitation though created an account using an email other than the one I had sent the invite to. This was not my intent as I wanted to ensure that all students use their campus address for verification. Is there a way to make the accept invite/sign up process require the account specified the email address? I realize that I can include in the invite message that they must use their campus address when signing up but wanted to also see if there were other approaches. Thx

Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, there is no way to restrict invitations to a specific email address. We will take this feature request under advisement.

One alternative you could consider would be to use the SSO feature available on the Organizational plan. This plan gives account administrators the ability to configure their accounts to require users to authenticate using their institution's SSO provider such as Active Directory or Shibboleth. When registering for an RStudio Cloud account using SSO, the email address will be determined by the SSO provider.


Thanks, One step towards a possible feature without deep authentication programming might be to simply pre-fill the login / signup form with the invite email address - once the user accepts the invitation. They could always type over it so it's not going to force them to do something they don't want.

That's a good suggestion. Thank you. I have made an internal issue tracking this feature request. I have no estimate for when/if it might be addressed, but we will update this ticket with any updates when they happen.

Thanks for using RStudio Cloud.

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