Require password for selectInput selections

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I have a Shiny app where a selectInput selection calls for a dataset to be loaded and displayed to the user. Is there a way to prompt the user for a password before the selection they made gets passed to the app? In essence, I want every user to be only able to select themselves from the dropdown list and not snoop around in the data of others.

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Welcome to the community @hikipoklica ! Below is one way to accomplish the workflow you described. In this example, the users and associated passwords are stored in a data frame (passwords) at the beginning of the script. When a user is selected from the dropdown, a modal is launched requesting a password. If an incorrect password is entered, an error message is displayed. If a correct password is entered, the modal closes and the dataset (mtcars) is displayed.


# dataset of interest ----
mydata = mtcars

# password list ----
passwords = data.frame(user = c('User1', 'User2', 'User3'),
                       password = c('Password1', 'Password2', 'Password3'))

# UI ----
ui <- fluidPage(
              'Pick a user',
              choices = c('Select a User' = '', 'User1', 'User2', 'User3'),
              multiple = F),

# server ----
server <- function(input, output, session) {
  # password prompt when user is selected
  observeEvent(input$user, {
    # launch the password modal
    if(input$user != '') {
          title = "",
          div(passwordInput('password_input', '', placeholder = 'Enter a password'), style = 'display: inline-block'),
          actionButton('password_button', 'Submit', style = 'inline-block'),
          footer = tagList(modalButton("Cancel"))
    ignoreInit = T)
  # password check (toggle between yes and no)
  password_check_value = reactiveVal('no')
  # password check message (toggle between blank message and "Incorrect...")
  password_check_message = reactiveValues(d = ' ')
  # when password button is clicked
  observeEvent(input$password_button, {
    # get actual password for selected user from passwords data frame
    actual_password = passwords$password[passwords$user == input$user]
    # if password doesn't match - set to "no" and update to error message
    if(input$password_input != actual_password) {
      password_check_message$d = 'Incorrect password. Please try again.'
      # if password matches - set to "yes" and update to blank message
      } else {
      password_check_message$d = ' '
  # if password input is removed, update to blank message
  observeEvent(input$password_input, {
    if(input$password_input == '') {
      password_check_message$d = ' '
  # password message text to display (blank or "Incorrect...")
  output$password_check = renderText(password_check_message$d)
  # remove data set if new user selected (by setting to "no")
  observeEvent(input$user, {
  # data to show (only when "yes")
  output$table = renderTable({
    if(password_check_value() == 'yes') {
      head(mydata, 10)

shinyApp(ui, server)

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Thank you @scottyd22, you are a hero! This serves my purpose very well!

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