Requiered packages could not be found

I installed R 4.2.2 and RStudio 2022.12.0+353 and I try lo launch rmaekdown from RStudio and appear me this message "Creating R Markdown documents Requiered packages could not be found: rmarkdown 2.10 is requiered but 2.3 is avaliable"

Please help me to find a solution. Thank you

@Meespitia Hi, maybe the version problem? you could find the history version of the package from the link as the picture shows. I am just a R beginner.

CRAN - Package rmarkdown (

That is weird but, just guessing until someone who knows what they are doing arrives, that message may mean that you have some old packages installed or even loaded that are objecting to a newer version.

I see I have rmarkdown 2.20 installed which is what CRAN is listing. rmarkdown 2.3 may be a development version? What does packageVersion('rmarkdown') say, jeust as a check.

You might try restarting R and RStudio and do an update.pacakges() and retry.

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