Requesting Authorization Code From QuickBooks Online API


I am trying to connect to a few different QuickBooks online accounts through their API (intuit.developer). I have found this SO post resourceful: r - Quickbooks Online API Oauth2.0 using httr - Stack Overflow

When I run this code:


endPoint <- oauth_endpoint(
  request = NULL,
  authorize = "",
  access = ""

App <- oauth_app(
  "QBOR Dev",
  key = my_key,
  secret = my_secret,
  redirect_uri = ""

QBOtoken <- oauth2.0_token(
  endpoint = endPoint,
  app = App,
  scope = "",
  type = "code",
  cache = TRUE

This opens a browser with a login. I sign in and get prompted to select a company and a client. I select my company and client to authorize them with the app.

View after signing in:

When I get to the following page (in this case its where my redirect uri points me to) I can see the authorization code on the intuit developer playground, however, in my RStudio session the console shows:

> QBOtoken <- oauth2.0_token(
+   endpoint = endPoint,
+   app = App,
+   scope = "",
+   type = "code",
+   cache = TRUE
+ )
Waiting for authentication in browser...
Press Esc/Ctrl + C to abort

I am fairly new to oath 2.0 and I am unsure of what parameters to tune to get this to work. In the SO post their redirect URI goes to a localhost (The OP shows they get a "complete" message as well), I use the redirect URI the app shows me to use online. I have also tested using in this parameter and it does open google up with the authorization code and other parameters in the URL. I would like to programmatically get this code stored in a variable Vs copying and pasting it.

I appreciate any help and/or direction!



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