request: new posit website information density increase

Not sure if the community is the right place to ask for this, and perhaps this is an example why the company is now called posit, but here we go.

My request is to increase the information density on the new posit website.

I noticed that on the new website the information density seems to be much lower than on the old rstudio website. Type font size is huge, there is an abundance of white space and graphics take a lot of space as well. I'll take the cheatsheets as an example.

At the cheatsheets page you won't see any cheatsheets before scrolling down. And I don't think 16 posit cheatsheets should be put in two subpages. The contributed cheatsheets is much worse. You have to go through 7 subpages. This way I think many cheatsheets are lost.

It would be very helpfull to increase the information density since in the current situation I find it hard to use the new website.

thanks and good luck with all the changes

ps. I have no problem with the new company name for clearifying that posit supports a much broader product range than the RStudio IDE.


Thank you for this feedback. I'm forwarding it on to the Posit website team.

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