[Request/Need] RStudio R task Scheduler in cloud as SaaS

Dear RStudio Team,

It would be nice to have an RStudio R Task Scheduler in the Cloud as SaaS. In the same way that Shinyapps.io works, but to schedule R tasks, deploy and automated run them in the cloud.

There are a number of available solutions, but they all involve virtual machines, docker files or having your own server (RStudio Connect), but all of them involves effort as security and maintenance. An automated solution would be the best.

A new Rstudio cloud scheduler that could be uploaded in the cloud, integrated with the RStudio IDE platform, where the user as in the taskscheduleR addin chooses the Rscript, schedule, and connects to an Rstudio account that loads the planned task to the cloud and the user is paying just for the used processing power (on-the-go).

I believe it is not so difficult to do, considering what already has been done by RStudio.

Thanks Lucas,
Our hope is to introduce RStudio Connect to rstudio.cloud for folks who want to leverage those capabilities without running a server themselves.
In the interim, for those who want an easier way to spin up Connect, we have also put RStudio Connect in the AWS and Azure marketplaces, and will look to get it into Google's marketplace shortly.


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