Request Help To Gain Authorization To Use R Studio Within My Companies IT System

To whomever can direct me?

Before I can be authorized to use R Studio on our companies IT system our Vendor Security Review (VSR) committee asks that the vendor complete a survey. Since R Studio does not fall under any particular vendor as it’s creator, who could I possibly use be the contact point that I can direct the VSR committee to send their survey too?

I’ve tried,​ and ( email sites and my attempts have been rejected via the email sites messages (Delivery Status Notification (Failure)).

Is there an individual or department email address that I can direct my companies VSR committee to send their survey to for R Studio acceptance purposes?

Please assist me in completing my request to my IT division to use R Studio on our system.

Thanks you so much for you help.

Hi David, are you referring to R (, our free & open-source IDE RStudio, or our professional products (e.g. RStudio Server Pro, Connect, Package Manager)?

For our professional products, you'll want to contact, which initiates a support ticket that will get you sorted.

Also, sorry about the issue with, and thank you for pointing it out, as there was a configuration issue that we've resolved.

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