Request for suggestion for equivalent study material in R for tensorflow

Hello everyone,

I have shifted to R from Matlab and have recently finished some great books on R, to name a few

1. R for data science 
2. Deep learning with R

I wish to learn tensorflow in depth so that I can customize my own models and play with them. I came across great online series of courses in coursera under the specialization - TensorFlow 2 for Deep Learning Specialization. But the courses are in python and after investing time and energy to learn R (still learning), I don't want to shift to python.

Can someone please list down similar courses or study materials to learn the same in R.


I would foremost recommend:

It is a very accessible book and you'll learn a lot on deep learning via Keras in R. In some respects Keras is very convenient and many ways much faster and easier to use than tensorflow.

Thanks @GreyMerchant for the suggestion, I have read the book. Do you know if there is any other book/blog/tutorial which covers functional API in more detail.

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