[Request] File Icons in Windows


I have been working on folders that have multiple R, Rmd and Rdata files and on windows all of those files have the same icon which makes it harder to navigate and find the file you are looking for.

The mac version of Rstudio has a file icon for each type of file, could that be implemented on Rstudio for windows?

Thank you!


Thanks for the feedback! I've filed this on our internal issue tracker and we'll try to take a look.


I have exactly the same problem. The laptop is just a couple of days old and runs the following operating sytem:

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
Version: 1709
OS Build: 16299.19

All files that are associated with RStudio have the the same icon as the "rstudio.exe" file within the "C:\Program Files\RStudio\bin" folder...

Any news on that issue?

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I did some more research on this topic: It seems that in Windows 7 the "RStudio-Logo" was combined with something like a "Blank-File-Logo" and that in Windows 10 (at least on my system) only the "RStudio-Logo" is used. So I changed the logo as follows:

  1. Open Rstudio and create a new R-File.
  2. The Tab shows a nice R-File-Logo. Right click it and click "Save Image". Save it as png-File.
  3. Convert it to an ico-File. "Irfanview" didn't produce a nice result for me. But there is a website called "icoconvert" which did the job nicely.
  4. I globally changed the icon for R-Files using a program called "FileTypesMan".

I know this is just a detail. But in my opinion it is visually an improvement when managing large R-Projects.


Any news on that issue?

I used FileTypesMan, but it changed all RStudio file icons using the same icon. I would like to have an icon each type of file (.R, .Rmd, etc.)

Having the same issue. Its definitely unfortunate. My current inclination is to use the pen/ink bottle rmarkdown logo from here. If you use the full tile it is too small to view in my opinion. If anyone finds a solution it would be great. The forums would not allow me to upload the .ico file but you can easily convert it online at icoconvert.com

I have submitted this as an issue on GitHub so maybe it will gain more traction there

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For those interested I was able to come up with a solution and I uploaded a video on YouTube showing you how to do it