reprex images break when posted to Posit Community

If I reply to a post using a reprex which includes a graphic, the image appears for a few moments and then is replaced by the broken image icon that displays "This image is broken" when I hover over it. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

It's not you. My guess is that the external service that they use for temporary caching is rate throttled. I've taken to using the export|copy to clipboard and then pasting workaround.

I use the Reprex Selection add-in, which copies the output of the selected code to the clipboard, which I then paste into the post. Is you export|copy to clipboard and then pasting workaround different? This has been happening for awhile and I would love to learn your solution.

I just use the export tab on the plot pane. I usually want to tweak the aspect, because otherwise the image can come out rather horizontally compressed.

Then, I edit the post to remove the broken link and paste from the clipboard.

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This is only a test. And it worked. Thank you!!


mean_mpg_by_cyl <- mtcars |> group_by(cyl) |> summarize(mean_mpg = mean(mpg))
#> # A tibble: 3 × 2
#>     cyl mean_mpg
#>   <dbl>    <dbl>
#> 1     4     26.7
#> 2     6     19.7
#> 3     8     15.1
ggplot(data = mean_mpg_by_cyl, aes(cyl, mean_mpg)) + geom_line()


Created on 2023-10-08 with reprex v2.0.2

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