Reprex - How to post suggestion in a reply

Is there an easy way to post the often-used reply "Please post a reprex" together the with canned guidance on how to do it? It might even be worth having a button to push to generate the response.

Actually, there is, but I believe it is only available with trust level 4 (RStudio Sustainer), once you get to that level, you get access to the canned replies menu.

That makes sense @andresrcs.

I wonder if there is a good reason for not making canned replies more generally available? I can see one might not want them being used without the poster thinking, but sometimes the instructions on posting a Reprex are exactly what's needed.

Maybe it is because it is a custom add-on and they can't implement too much fine control on it, everyone with level 4 access can create edit and delete canned replies (no matter if they are from someone else) so they have to be sure people with access are going to behave and make good use of the tool. I think that is why they only grant it to people that has already proven to be trustful.

I'm speaking for myself of course, I'm not moderator or administrator of the forum.

If the software doesn't permit separation of creation/editing from using, then I can see that limiting access makes sense (even if I wish the answer were otherwise).

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