Reprex FAQs: should we say more about when NOT to use `reprex()`?

Continuing the discussion from FAQ: What's a reproducible example (`reprex`) and how do I do one?:

There are some things people need help with where it does not make sense to use reprex::reprex() when constructing a question:

  • Package installation problems (since install.packages() can generate interactive prompts, running it through knitr can cause additional problems)
  • Shiny apps

(Those are the two that I’ve mostly seen happening, but there may be other cases, too. Please chime in if you have encountered one)

And yet people try! It’s great that the reprex() gospel is spreading and that people are trying their best to be courteous question-askers, but...

At the risk of making everything even more confusing for newcomers, should we be calling out more clearly in our FAQs the things reprex() is not set up to handle?

(Maybe with links to additional FAQs for those types of issues? We have one for Shiny, but we could really use one for package installation problems... I’ve got a canned reply that could be a starting point)

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