reprex code containing passwords

I have a code that makes use of passwords that I have in my .Rprofile and without the right user password, the code doesn't work.
Is there a way to pass a variable to reprex from the global environment or to make use of the current .Rprofile in the reprexed code ?


Yes, you can set environment variables in a .Rprofile or .Renviron file and then read from the file in another script using Sys.getenv.

password <- Sys.getenv("PASSWORD_ENV_VAR")

Unfortunatly, the way it is setup is that the Rprofile creates a new environment and all the username and passwords are within that new environment. This is an example of the way it's done in the .Rprofile

pwd_env <- new.env()
pwd_env$username = "my_user_name"
pwd_env$password= "my_password"

and I would like to make this new environment accessible to reprexed code
Your solution is a good one but it's not exactly what I want (I'm sorry if my question wasn't really clear)


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