Reporting ANOVA results

Because I am new to statistics, I would need some help to understand how to report the results of the ANOVA I am running.

> anova(model_acc_ch)

Analysis of Variance Table

Response: Correct_Humorous

Df Sum Sq Mean Sq F value Pr(>F) 

Group 1 36.931 36.931 243.676 < 2.2e-16 ***

Condition 1 4.147 4.147 27.365 1.881e-07 ***

Residuals 1796 272.196 0.152 


Signif. codes: 0 ‘***’ 0.001 ‘**’ 0.01 ‘*’ 0.05 ‘.’ 0.1 ‘ ’ 1

would it be correct to say " Analyses of variance (ANOVAs) showed significant group differences for the number of correct answers

[F() , p <0.001] as well as a significant difference per condition [F() , p <0.001]"?

How is the best way to report the F values?

Thank you to all who can help!



How many Groups are there? For > 2, I would say something like "There appears to be evidence that there is at least one mean difference in the Group categories".

Thank you Max! I have only two groups of subjects and two conditions. How can I write down the F value in the report? If I want to say that "there is a difference in group (F=243.7, p.value <0.0001) and in condition (F= 27.365, p.value< 0.0001)" would that be correct? should I report also the degree of freedom?

Thank you again!

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