Report: View(starwars) crashes Rstudio


How to crash the system:

  1. after View loads, move cursor to right most fields, starting with 'films' field.
  2. attempt to sort on films column by clicking on the column name.

Error in (function (..., na.last = TRUE, decreasing = FALSE, method = c("auto", :
unimplemented type 'list' in 'orderVector1'
Error: VECTOR_ELT() can only be applied to a 'list', not a 'closure'
Error in .rs.findDataFrame("package:dplyr", "starwars", "8655C24D", "D:/CodingData/RCode/clean1/.Rproj.user/2EC83A06/viewer-cache") :
R_Reprotect: only 1 protected item, can't reprotect index -4

NOTE: in RGUI, View(starwars) does not try to show the last three 'list' fields.

If you do


films is not a simple vector, but a list. I do not think one can directly sort a list.
See Sort a list

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