Report: version conflicts affecting tidymodels and rsample

On my Ubuntu machine, I had installed the dev version of dplyr, which will become 1.0.0 in the not distance future. It brings in dev versions of vctrs and rlang. In working examples rsample::bootstrap failed on the dev machine but ran under macOS.

I resolved this by down versioning dplyr, vctrs and rlang in that order.

If you see an error message to the effect of convert all inputs to the same class check to see if the package versions in your namespace are the same as those in the current CRAN versions.

Somewhat related.

The tidymodels package brings in over 100 other packages into the namespace. One dependency is rstanam. Compiling it from source is a very long process, pausing frequently for two-to-three minutes on a well-provisioned machine. Plan on 30-45 minutes to complete.

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