Replacement for the retired SpaDES package in rstudio

recently started working with Spatial packages. I am trying to replicate the code for a recently published paper that uses the SpaDES package. But this package has been archived since 2022-11-09.

What is a replacement for this retired package?

I recommend installing the recent archived version from source. CRAN will do this if there are unresolved issues with compliance to its procedures. For a recently updated package, such as this those are likely to be resolved, but not necessarily immediately.

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Thankyou @technocrat for your help. I posted a similar question on Stackoverflow and got an answer than worked on my mac: In the terminal, I wrote the following:

git clone GitHub - PredictiveEcology/SpaDES: R package for developing and running Spatial Discrete Event Simulation models
R CMD build SpaDES
R CMD INSTALL SpaDES_2.0.9.tar.gz

Great. Was that a binary or did it successfully compile?

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