Replace values with corresponding character strings

It feels ridiculous that I can't figure this out, but I can't. I have a list of numbers that I need to replace with characters. So for instance, I need to replace all values of 1 with the corresponding item name that the 1 represents, the 2s with the second item, and so on. I have tried to use the replace function, but it's not doing the trick. Can someone please offer guidance? Thanks!

Do you mean you want to replace 1 with one or "1" or something else?

Can you provide a reproducible example?

Thank you. I need to replace 1 with a corresponding category.

data <- c(5, "NA", 3, 2,6)

I need to replace the values in the vector with their corresponding category names. So I need to replace all 5s, for instance, with "50 < = x < 59", and all 3s with "30 < = y < 39". But it is a long list, and it isn't convenient to go through one by one, especially because I need a generalizable solution. So I want to do the equivalent of "find and replace" but none of the R functions I have tried are working.

Is it something that you already have somewhere? Could you just use some sort of join, then mutate based on that?

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Mutate worked! Thank you so much!

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