renv in rstudio server need to be reactivated when I re-log into it next day

Hi everyone:
There is a interesting but annoying happens very often in my work.
I use renv to manage the project library on server, the IDE is Rstudio Server.
The project is initilaized by renv and has renv folder, lock file etc.
However, when I log out server(the linux server, not rstudio server, I didn't shut down rstudio server when I leave, but if itself restarted? I am not sure.) and come back next day, and try to use hydrate to mix local library to my current project library. There is a message said:"renv need to be activated." But when I leave machine yesterday, the project is activated(prove is I can hydrate libraies without any problem,no message.)
So is there anyone knows the mechanism under this or run into the same problem before and figure out what happened, and more importantly, how to solve it?
My rstudio server version is 1.4.1106
My R version is 4.0.1
renv version is 1.0.3

This is surprising, but fixing this should be as simple as calling renv::activate().

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