RenderPlotly filter the X-axis date into range

Good day everyone, may I know how to filter out the x-axis data into a range?

This is what I get.

and I want it to be like this.

Below is my code

I would guess your dates aren't in a date type but are character strings representing dates. You should fix that first.

Also its a bad idea to share code text as an image when you can share it by copy and pasting into the forum posts. The forum posts support a simple markdown so code formatting is available by signifying open and close of a code block with triple backticks

share code like this

But my dates are in date type already. :sweat_smile:

what is the output of str(datatable$Date) please ?

Is a date. Example : 2020-02-15

consider this example (by running this code and seeing the results)

notreallyadate <-'2020-02-15'
arealdate <- as.Date('2020-02-15')


output$lineChart <- renderPlotly({
datatable$Date <- as.Date(datatable$Date)

p <- ggplot(data=datatable, aes(x= Date, y= `Total Cases`, group=1))+
  geom_line(color = 'lightyellow')+
  scale_x_date(labels = date_format("%m-%Y"))+
  ylab("Total Cases")+

p<- ggplotly(p)

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