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I teach a course about data analysis, which has approximately 20 students. I have always used RStudio for this course and I would like students to use RStudio in Posit Cloud. I think the most convenient would be the plan in which the instructor pays and the students don't have to pay.

The problem I would have is that when rendering a .qmd file, a background job always stays activated, which would add a lot to the money I have to pay because students may not manually stop the background job.

I would like to know if there is a way to automatically disable this background job. Another option would be for students to only be able to generate .Rmd files, which are generated without keeping an always-on background job. In this case, I would like to know if it would be possible to disable the option to create .qmd files, to prevent students from mistakenly creating a .qmd file instead of a .Rmd file.

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Hi Armel,

We've been tracking this issue internally for a while, but it should have been fixed since early January! When did you give this a try?

Hi, Mike.

I just did a test where I rendered a .qmd file. In the attached image you can see that the background job does not finish even though the rendering has finished successfully. A message appears to clarify that the background process is waiting for changes.

Hi Armel,

I should have been more clear about what I'd expect to see here. Quarto should stay running in the background as long as the project is up and running, since that's how Quarto's creators set it up to work best. The related change that rolled out to Posit Cloud in January is intended to exclude this particular background job when we decide if we can stop the whole project and discontinue accruing usage.

Unfortunately, when I just tested this out a few times I did not get the expected result here -- my project stayed running for nearly 2 hours. Thanks for raising this issue; this is definitely not what we want. We'll look into this and I'll keep this thread updated with any new developments.


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Thanks, Mike. I will be waiting for the solution to this problem.

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