rendering a html file

I am trying to render a file containing multiple code chunks, but the studio does not give the rendered file. The codes are correct while functioning, but when it comes to rendering, it says the codes are wrong!!! Anyone has any idea, please?

we can't diagnose from such a vague statement.
What does it say ? you can copy and paste the error.
format it as code for readability.

Common errors, when knitting arise from not making the knittable script self contained. knitting happens in its own environment so you need to add whatever data loading / data prep into your script as steps.

sorry for the ambiguity.
this is the code: library(tidyr) # load the tidyr package
Q11 <- merged_data|>
pivot_wider(names_from = "variable",
values_from = "measure")|>

plot(Q11$spermStored, Q11$shellVolume)

this is the error: processing file: biol_5140_assignment_1--Javad.Robatjazi--1.rmarkdown
|... | 6% (unnamed-chunk-3) Quitting from lines 74-81 (biol_5140_assignment_1--Javad.Robatjazi--1.rmarkdown)
Error in plot.window(...) : need finite 'xlim' values
Calls: .main ... eval -> plot -> plot.default -> localWindow -> plot.window

Execution halted

you should not have |> View() in a script that you will try to Knit.
Remove it and try again.

I removed it, but it did not work!

Same or different error ?

different error. Actually, when it comes to codes in chunks, it brings errors. like the code for check_model for example.

would you like to say what the error is ?

check_model means nothing to me ... should it ?

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