render rmd by walk2 , x=vector of variables, y=one variable

**walk2 to render rmd as one report .html file. **

** x: **
** value: !r c("Cmax","Cmin")**
** choices:**
** - !r c("Cmax","Cmin")**
** y: 'res'**

x= c("k", "m", "f")
** list(x, y = 'res'), ~ rmarkdown::render('/home/LR.Rmd',**
** output_file = paste("test", .x, ".html"),**
** params=list(x=.x, y=.y)))**
Error in map2(.x, .y, .f, ...) : **
** argument ".f" is missing, with no default

can anybody comment on resolving this issue?. same code works fine when x= one variable.

If you look at the documentation, you'll see that walk2 does not take a list of x and y as first argument. You get the error because you did not provided 3 arguments.

You are probably working with pwalk() in mind or just need to change the way you are calling the function.

Nothing related to rmarkdown is this issue I believe.

Also please format your question correctly :

FAQ: How to Format R Markdown Source

thanks, got it, used pmap instead map2, worked.

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