Render pdf from Quarto file

I'm trying to render my quarto document to a pdf in R, but I get this notification:
No TeX installation was detected.

Please run 'quarto install tinytex' to install TinyTex.
If you prefer, you may install TexLive or another TeX distribution.

I tried to install tinytex but that did not work, what should I do?

Hi @c95
Here is another way to install TinyTex (which is derived from TexLive):

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IF you have the disc space you can also just install a full LaTeX distribution. Get LaTeX

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What did not worked ?

You need a TeX installation if you want to render to PDF through LaTeX.

You can look at Typst format otherwise: Quarto – Typst Basics

Just to be clear quarto install tinytex will install this TinyTeX distribution.

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