Render in markdown chunk output differs from console output


When using Markdown notebook, I see that the rendering output contains strange characters.

The simplest way to replicate this as follows:

  1. Create a new notebook
  2. Create a new chunk with library(tidyverse and run the chunk.
  3. Chunk output show below the chunk and also in the console.
  4. Restart R
  5. Go to console pane and type library(tidyverse) output follows
  6. Compare the output from notebook chunk vs the console output

It seems the quotes around package name is replaced by strange characters at the red text output.
CR/LF are also replaced and all lines appears on one line.

The output to notebook html shows up as follows:

How do I fix this issue?


This may be related to language settings. Can you switch your PC's locale settings to US and try again?


Thanks for the response.
I have confirmed the setting as US English.
Rebooted the laptop but there is no change.

Sorry I have not got any solutions to this since I cannot reproduce it on my laptop. Perhaps update tidyverse or R might help?

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