Render format for xtable

Similar to
DT::renderDataTable for DT::dataTableOutput
renderPlotly for plotly

I want to know the right render table command for "xtable"

 semanticPage(div(class = "ui raised segment", style="margin-left: 20px; max-width: 350px; width: 100%",
                                                  a(class="ui green ribbon label", "Client's info"),
                                                  xtable::xtable("tabledata") %>%
                                                    print(html.table.attributes="class = 'ui very basic collapsing celled table'",
                                                          type = "html", include.rownames = F, print.results = F) %>%

 output$customer_info_tbl <- renderDataTable({
table_data <- data.frame(
  Name = c("John Smith", "Lindsay More"),
  City = c("Warsaw, Poland", "SF, United States"),
  Revenue = c("$210.50", "$172.78"))


xtable produces latex output or html output. So I guess you can use renderUI with the generated HTML code.

However, Why not use renderTable on the data.frame, intead of xtable ?
Or other frameword with suitable helpers like {flextable}

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