Renaming in Scope does not work: just types an 'M' character

I have never been able to use 'Rename in Scope' in RStudio. I have been able to use it in other people's machines, but in neither of my two machines (nor in one of my colleague's). This has been a constant through the years, so it is not an issue of a specific RStudio version.

What happens: I highlight a given value, it shows a box around all the other occurrences of the same value, but once I press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M it just types a single uppercase "M" in the highlighted instance. None of the resources I've seen shows this behavior, nor mention any other detail I might be missing.

Other similar hotkeys pose no trouble (as Ctrl + Shift + M, for the pipe; or Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Up, for moving the active cursor up; or Ctrl + Shift + Alt + P, for running all code chunks above in RMarkdown).

Is there any specific setting that could disable this functionality by accident?

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