Rename rows in a dataframe

Hi there,

I have a data frame called Data that I want to analyse with some basic statistics such as ACP.
The first column of my object regroups the names of the products Data$Food product that are then analysed in the next columns.
In order to make plots clearer I would like to rename the rows of my dataframe with the first column.
I make some researches, I tried with this function :

(setattr(Data, "row.names", Data$`Food product`))

Unfortunately, the rows names have not changed.

Do you have any idea how could I resolve this ?

The tibble package has a function for this. The column_to_rownames function does require that the column does not have duplicate values, so I am not sure this will work without using the actual data set. However, you might be able to use this:

tibble::column_to_rownames(Data, var = 'Food Product')
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