rename multiple files

I have a folder with over 1000 pdf files, like class1_try1Q2022.pdf...class1050_try1Q2022.pdf. I want to remove 'try' from the file name and change all files to class1_1Q2022.pdf...class1050_1Q2022.pdf. How to do it? Thanks in advance

One way of doing that is as follows.

  1. Choose all files that you want to convert by using choose.files(), and store the names of the chosen file in an object.
oldnames <- choose.files()   #pick the files class1_try1Q2022.pdf...etc in the directory
  1. Create new names by removing "try" using gsub()
newnames <-  gsub("try",  "",  oldnames)
  1. Rename the files by using file.rename()
file.rename(oldnames, newnames)

You should now have had your files renamed with new names that do not contain "try".

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