Rename in scope in r script only in one section

Is it possible to contain rename in scope only to one section in R script ?
It select everything, I do not want everything but selected word inside a section only, not in the whole R script.

Do you mean the "Replace and Find" function from RStudio? And to apply it only to the selection (you can always select a single section)?

In that case, yes.

Go to Edit > Find and Replace (Ctrl + Shift + J).

Fill in the "Find" and "Replace" fields.

Then, select the section to apply to, and check the "In selection" box.

Click "All" totally on the right.

Hi, thank you,
I know Ctrl + F but this is not what I want. Rename in scope in fast but selects all instances in the whole document I want to replace in section or in a chunk.

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