rename a number in a column to a name

I want to rename all the #1=Northeast, 2=Midwest, 3=South and 4=West under variable REGION. What am I doing wrong?



Use REGION == instead of a single =.

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Use == for a comparison.

                    case_when(REGION == 1 ~ "Northeast",
                               REGION == 2 ~ "Midwest",
                               REGION == 3 ~ "South",
                               REGION == 4 ~ "West"))

If REGION is already characters, put quotes around the digits, like REGION == "1"

I got this when i tried.

Error in mutate():
! Problem while computing region1 = (...).
Caused by error in case_when():
! LHS of case 1 ("1") must be a logical vector, not
a character vector.
Run rlang::last_error() to see where the error occurred.

never mind got it!!! thanks so much!!!

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