Removing users from RStudio Connect

I know this has been covered ( How-do-I-remove-users-from-RStudio-Connect ) but I need a better method for removing users and their content from Connect other than simply disabling them as I have several people who have left the organization but are still "consuming" a license. I also have the odd case where a user has miss-spelt their name so they have created another account...
This has also been exacerbated by running training courses so many of those new users have logged on and created some basic content (eg. HelloWorld) but they'll never publish anything "useful".

I'm not adverse to some database hacking but I really need to get the user numbers under control or we're going to very quickly start exceeding our 100 named user license quota.

Any ideas?

thanx :slight_smile:

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Hey @russellsmithies!!

Thanks for the pointer; that article is actually out of date! Locking users is still completely feasible / recommended and does open up / frees license seats. I.e. a locked user will NOT count against your license. Note that users can now be locked using the RStudio Connect Server API (e.g. programmatically while the server is running):

There is also now the ability to delete users (in RStudio Connect version 1.7.2 or later) using the usermanager utility. Note that users who own content cannot be deleted until that content is migrated to new ownership. Further, all audit log and instrumentation information (i.e. information about what Shiny apps they visited) will not be deleted, but will no longer be able to tie / reference to an actual user. How to do so is explained in more detail in our docs:

I would recommend locking those who have left the company, and deleting the misspellings. :slight_smile: Thanks for reaching out!

I will make a note to update that support article!

Thanx Cole, that's exactly what I need. I the only annoyance is that you can't use usermanager while Connect is running eg. I get this:

Error: Failed to listen on :3939. Please stop Connect if it is running: listen tcp :3939: bind: address already in use

Is there some workaround or do I have to stop Connect, manage my users, then restart Connect?



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Sorry for the delay here, Russell!

Unfortunately, when using SQLite as your Connect database, Connect needs to be stopped in order to run the usermanager. I will record your feature request for a way to manage users without stopping Connect!

If you anticipate using the usermanager with any regularity (we generally see it as being pretty uncommon / as needed), it is worth noting that migrating to PostgreSQL as your database will allow you to run the usermanager while Connect is up.

I'm about to reinstall RStudio and Connect on newer and faster servers so I'll have a look at a PostgreSQL database.

thanx :slight_smile:

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My pleasure! And exciting stuff! Let us know if we can help with anything else!

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