Removing selected observations from a dataset


I have a dataset from which I need to remove certain drugs. So far I have filtered my data using dplyr package using:

Tiapride %>%
select(compostition_form_strength) %>%
filter(!compostition_form_strength == "TIAPRIDE AMP. INJ. 100MG 12 2ML ")

Now how do I remove this drug "TIAPRIDE AMP. INJ. 100MG 12 2ML " from my dataset "Tiapride".
What is the next step?

Any recommendations will be much appreciated.


If I understand correctly, you actually figured out the solution already. You just have to omit the select(compostition_form_strength) part from your code, and the result will be a data frame filtered without "TIAPRIDE AMP. INJ. 100MG 12 2ML ".


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