Removing Ribbons at Top to Obtain More Screen Real Estate

I do screen capture recordings using Camtasia that include a look at the contents of RStudio occasionally, and I would like to know how to get rid of the ribbons on the top, in particular "Environment History Connections" and preferably even the navigation buttons (left & right arrows, home icon, etc.) These items clutter the screen in the video.

The problem does not arise when viewing code or plots, because RStudio allows me to put both code and plots in a separate window, but sometimes I need to include shots of the console and the help docpages, in which case I'm stuck with the ribbons.

I discovered the Show In New Window button for help pages.

You can use View -> Hide Toolbar to hide the global toolbar -- does that do what you need? (You can then use View -> Show Toolbar to bring it back later)