Remove Unique value in R

I have this data frame (train) where I have 2314 variables and I want to drop the columns where the unique value is 0.


So, I want to remove all the columns with 0 unique values.

> unique(train$makeAm.General)
[1] 0

And, only keep the columns where the unique value is 0 and 1

> unique(train$makeAston.Martin)
[1] 0 1

So, basically you want to remove all columns that are all zero? Is that it?

I don't have a data to test with, but something like this will do it:


Edit: (in reply to #3)

@TalhaAsif that's not what your main thread says. It talks about columns with just 0's.

For your changed requirement, try something like this.

train[lapply(train, function(x) length(unique(x))) > 1]
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No, I just want to keep all the columns with length 2. Like this:

[1] 2

And delete columns with:

[1] 1

please see the next reply


#(train <- head(iris) %>% mutate(exampl0 = 0))


thanks a lot, it works.

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