Remove Space between author and subtitle when knitting to powerpoint in RStudio

I am knitting to powerpoint using rmarkdown. I am trying to remove the spacing between the subtitle and the author within the title slide. Here is the following code:

title: "Untitled"
subtitle: "subtitle"
author: "author"
date: "7/10/2019"
output: powerpoint_presentation

Here is the screenshot from the powerpoint output:

You can see that the subtitle and the author YAML fields both map to the same textbox.

I ended up creating a custom ppt template and playing around with the sizing of the allowable verticle spacing for the subtitle field, but I did not have any luck on changing removing the spacing. I was able to decrease the font size, which subsequently decreased the spacing, but it is not exactly what I was hoping to do.

So my question is: Is there a way to remove/change the spacing between the subtitle and the author for the title slide within the YAML header?

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