Remove packages and dependencies

For example, if I install package A, its dependencies packages B, C, and D will also be installed. Say, 1 month later I want to uninstall package A and its dependencies B and C, while keep D unchanged because it has become the dependency for another package E. How can I do that?

Several functions can help you achieve that.

You can uninstall package with remove.package form utils or devtools::uninstall that wraps the previous one and help ensure that package is unloaded. This function do not uninstall dependency.

You can find dependency for one or several packages using tools::package_dependencies against your installed packages

tools::package_dependencies("readr", db = installed.packages())
#> $readr
#> [1] "Rcpp"   "tibble" "hms"    "R6"     "clipr"  "BH"

With this, you can find which :package: to uninstall and which to keep. Use recursive = TRUE to get the whole chain of dependency.

When uninstalling packages, you need to take care that the one you are uninstalling is not a dependency for any other. You can also do reverse dependency with the previous function

tools::package_dependencies("readr", db = installed.packages(), reverse = TRUE)
#> $readr
#>  [1] "datapasta"    "DiagrammeR"   "googlesheets" "haven"       
#>  [5] "kableExtra"   "nomisr"       "readODS"      "rtweet"      
#>  [9] "sparklyr"     "tidyverse"    "webreadr"

I think with these two functions you can write a wrapper function or just a script that help you iterates to uninstall A, B and C while keeping D because E needs it.


Great! I sometimes can't remove a package with remove.packages() and I now wonder if the reason is that the package I want to remove is loaded. If so, your post suggests that devtools::uninstall might help. My brute-force approach was to navigate the directory where R stores my packages and remove the one I want manually. Next time I'll try devtools::uninstall.


(BTW, just noticed a tiny typo in your post. Notice the "s": devtool:: should be devtools.)

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