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Little by little my Rmd document gets bigger and bigger. I'm getting closer to the moment when my machine wouldn't have enough memory to knit it. I know that I keep quite a lot of objects that no longer used and it would be nice idea to get rid of them.
Is there any package/utility that can scan document and add remove('object_name') in the appropriate places (i.e. after last usage of the object)? Essentially, I want something similar to the {styler} that can do the dirty work))

I am not aware of such a tool but I believe also it should not be done by such a tool. A better approach is to refactor code into smaller functions that have one return value (and throw away all other values as soon as the function execution completes). Or use a dependency management tool such as {targets} to build intermediate outputs, which even has specific Rmd workflows (just search the web for it).

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@lorenzwalthert ,

Thank you for your kind suggestions. Perhaps, I have to implement a better coding practice)

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