Remove IP Address

I want to remove the IP_address from a tibble and rename it without the IP_Address, but no videos or resources seem to have any instructions on how to do this.
Thank you

Can you post a minimal example - since it is unclear if you want to remove an entry in the column IP_address or you want to remove the column itself.

Thank you Vedoa,
I am unable to post an example but I want to remove the IP_address column completely.

newTibble <- oldTibble |> select(-IP_address)

Thank you kindly startz.

Can R change a nominal variable to factors and add labels to it using labels from the list of variables?

Look at the factor() function and see if it does what you need.

Thank you but it does not address changing one variable (example: table) to T1 = green , T2 = blue & T3 = red.

Perhaps you could post a sample of your data, using dput() to copy and paste.