Removal of PlotTangentSpace for gm.prcomp

Hello to all,

I would like to have your opinion on a small problem I have with the new update of the "Geomorph" package.
Indeed, I was using before the function plotTangentSpace but it turns out that this one has been removed and replaced by the function gm.prcomp.
However, by performing this new function, it is impossible for me to assign the numbers of the specimens (because I work in paleontology) assigned to each point and especially, the option groups = xxx, does not exist any more with gm.prcomp.
Before with plotTangentSpace I made : " plotTangentSpace(fus$coords, groups = classifier$sex , label=TRUE)".
This means that I can't classify my specimens in three categories because in my sample, the "sex variable" has three possibilities = male (m), female (f) or non-sexed (na).
An error message is displayed "Error in plot.xy(xy, type, ...) : color name 'na' incorrect"
In any case, I thank you sincerely for your reading and your help.


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