Removal of DataCamp link from RStudio Cloud sidebar

The news coming out of DataCamp the past several days about a sexual assault against an employee (and R community member) by a DataCamp executive has been horrifying both for the incident and the organization's subsequent response:

DataCamp has doubled down on this behavior by intimidating former employees and taking steps to actively sweep the incident under the carpet:

SatRdays and R-Ladies have both disavowed Datacamp

RStudio Cloud currently advertises DataCamp prominently on the Cloud sidebar. I'm in the process of deploying a workshop on RStudio Cloud and am not comfortable promoting DataCamp (having just cancelled my accounts with them). May we get RStudio to agree with the community that there must be consequences from sexual assault, not to mention actively working against victims of sexual assault, and remove this link from the Cloud product?

I cannot in good conscience use the very nifty Cloud product for my training event while this link is present.

We have removed all datacamp links from our websites — please read our full response at

(And please let us know if we missed any links, we'll try and get them removed as quickly as possible)


Thanks so much to you and the rest of the RStudio crew for this upstanding position in a challenging situation. I truly hope this encourages some positive reform.

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@hadley, since you asked: a recent view on has your mug-shot on a DataCamp ad.


It looks "static" under the hood, but I'm not certain. I don't know if you have control over the ad-space on r-graph-gallery.


RStudio has requested that DataCamp stop using our instructors' likenesses on their website, but it's not clear what their response has been/if/when this will go into effect (likely due to contracts).

Edit: You're right, it does look like it's a static image upload to r-graph-gallery, so I'm not sure what would be involved for a takedown request there.

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