remotes::install_github() on the no-internet-access machine

I wonder what is the best way to install from github on isolated machine.

I expected something like remote::download_github() on a machine with internet access and then remotes::install_local() on the right one. But I not found any functions similar to this.

Or maybe I overcomplicate and there is simpler way?

you will need a machine with internet access running the same operating system as your target machine without access (but with some method of data transfer).
Use renv package to manage your project dependencies. When ready to deploy to a target machine, renv::hydrate() can be used to output compiled binaries to a library path of your choice. If you can transmit the folder resulting from hydrate to the isolated machine, and set .libPaths() to point to its location, that machine will have those libraries.

Well, it could work but I have Windows machine and Linux server.

Seems I need to get some code from remotes::install_github responsible for download & package (build source). Or bare clone and share repository to server.

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