Remote storage on DropBox

...Hello everyone,
It's my first time here (and I am also new to shiny), so I would appreciate any help.
I am trying to save the uploaded files (within my app) to a remote dropBox. I have been trying to implement what I learned here: [](Permanent Storage) but so far no luck.

Here it's a snippet of my code:


t#### To upload file and generate a Table ####
    data <- reactive({

      ext <- tools::file_ext(input$file$name)
             csv = vroom::vroom(input$file$datapath, delim = ","),
             tsv = vroom::vroom(input$file$datapath, delim = "\t"),
             xlsx = read_excel(input$file$datapath, sheet = 1),
             validate("Invalid file; Please upload a .csv, .tsv or excel file")

    # When the Submit button is clicked, save the form data
    observeEvent(input$file, {
    output$table <- renderDataTable({
      # DropBox

I would greatly appreciate any help as I am trying to teach myself the elements and features of shinydashboard.

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