Remote into RStudio Server from Raspberry Pi

Hi all,

I had just installed RStudio server on my Raspberry Pi 4 model b recently and it has been working great! I have been using this guide here:
Big thanks to Andrés Castro Socolich for all of this!!

The server is set up through my Pi and I use its ethernet IP address to access the server. So it's However, I would like to have other users access this since it is for a project and they need access to it to. I've read about port forwarding but I have no idea how to do it. I tried doing it through my modem but nothing is connecting. I obviously do not know what I'm doing and am going off on a whim with it. If there's any way to do this, please let me know!! Thank you all in advance!

Each modem brand and model has a different configuration interface so it is almost impossible to give you exact instructions (unless you are lucky and someone here has the same modem as you have), but in general lines, you have to look for "port forwarding" in your modem configuration and add a rule to forward traffic incoming trough port 8787 towards your Pi IP, as an example on my modem the configuration looks like this:

Then you have to look for your public IP, open a browser and go to, now you can access your RStudio server with http://public_ip:8787

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