reload packages for every project?

I'm trying to learn RStudio Cloud to use in a course I'm teaching this fall. Every time I open a new project and create a Rmd file, it must install all the required packages again, which takes a long time. Does it always have to do this or is there another way to manage my library of packages (or better yet - the library for the course workspace) ?

Thanks for the help!

As far as I know, every new package is a blank slate, so you'll need to install packages in each of them. However, this usually doesn't take that long since most packages are cached and install quite quickly.

If you then use your project for the course, your students won't need to install anything. For example, this is the project I did for the workshop. If you open and clone it to your workspace, you won't need to install anything and all the packages will be exactly the version I need for the workshop.


You might be interested in designating a "Base Project" for your Space. Using the "Base Project" setting (which can be found in the space settings page), you can specify one of your projects to be used as the template that will be used to create new projects in that space. If you install your desired packages into the base project, all your newly created project in the space will automatically have those packages installed.

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