relative path with list.files in shiny app

I develop a shiny app at job.
After an update of my laptop and reinstallation of R/Rstudio by TI, some function with path doesn't work anymore.
For example :

temp_PSEP <- list.files(path = '~/Statal/Data', pattern = "PSEP.*SRAM.csv")

return "empty"


return //alp/Userdata$/Adm/user/Documents
If I replace the path by an absolute path in list.files, it works.
I don't understand. Do i need to play with environment variable ?
Thanks !


I'm not an expert in this, but if you run Sys.getenv() the R_USER variable should correspond to the tilde (~) path.

What could happen is that if the code is executed under a different user, this could lead to issues


Thanks for the answer.
Sys.getenv(), R_USER return the same path than tilde path.
I'm the only user of R at my job ... :confused:


Since you are the only user you could just set the full path then I guess, though it is indeed a bit weird. Personally I don't use the tilde in paths, I either use full paths or relative from the working folder (or Shiny folder in this case).


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