Regressionsanalyse - NA as coefficients

Hey i have a problem with my regression analysis
I have 4 Treatment Groups, thus I've tried to build Dummy Variables for those. Then I wanted to put those dummies in the Regression as dependent Variables. I used the Trigger of my Survey to build those new Variables by recoding them ...

The problem is that I only get NA's as coefficients, which is super frustrating cause I don't find the problem

Dummy- Variablen für die Treatment - Gruppen erstellen, um eine Regression zu erstellen

Treatement 1

Rohdaten_xlsx$DT1 <- recode(Rohdaten_xlsx$c_0001,"1=1;2:4=0")

#Treatment 2
Rohdaten_xlsx$DT2 <- recode(Rohdaten_xlsx$c_0001,"2=1;1=0; 3:4=0")

#Treatement 3
Rohdaten_xlsx$DT3 <- recode(Rohdaten_xlsx$c_0001,"3=1;1:2=0;4=0")

#Treatement 4
Rohdaten_xlsx$DT4 <- recode(Rohdaten_xlsx$c_0001,"4=1;1:3=0")

#Regression mit Dummies --> Problem nur NA Werte
Model_Preise_2<- lm(Rohdaten_xlsx$KB_T1~ Rohdaten_xlsx$DHP1n+ Rohdaten_xlsx$DHG1n +Rohdaten_xlsx$DT1+ Rohdaten_xlsx$DT2+Rohdaten_xlsx$DT3)

My professor said I Also can use as.factor in my regression, because this would build the dummies
-> I just don't know how to use these

Thanks for your help

If I recall correctly, regression analysis in R constructs dummy variables automatically so one does not create them manually as one used to do in SAS or SPSS.

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